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On hold

2 december 2015

Due to shifting priorities, this blog is on hold for now.

If you are interested in vintage vases and other accessories, you can visit my Etsy shop.

If you read Dutch and are interested in my writing and other adventures, you can take a look at my other blog, Maggie’s Pen.


Dit blog heeft even een pauze!

Als je interesse hebt in vintage vazen, spellen en ander moois, kun je een kijkje nemen in mijn winkel op Etsy.

Als je wilt lezen over mijn schrijf- en andere avonturen, kun je terecht op mijn andere blog, Maggie’s Pen.

From curtain to skirt

18 maart 2015


During the years, I have been collecting tons of vintage fabrics. However, I only ever posessed the most basic sewing skills, so they just sat there on the shelf, gathering dust and becoming even more vintage than they already were.

But since the beginning of this year I have started sewing lessons, so finally I can make something else than just cushion covers.


The first few projects were trousers, a dress and a jacket for the little one, but now it’s finally my turn. I’m going to make myself a skirt, and will probably use an old curtain with a groovy 70s print. Now let’s see what my sewing teacher will say about that…

Watch this space for the results!

Leo doesn't really care which fabric I choose, as long as he's allowed to sleep on it occasionally...

Leo doesn’t really care which fabric I choose, as long as he’s allowed to sleep on it occasionally…


11 maart 2015

foto 1(1)

I started wearing glasses when I was 3 years old, switched to contacts when I was 13 (I thought everything would change without the glasses – it didn’t, awkardeness at 13 is just inavoidable) and went back to the specs at 16. I really learned to appreciate them in my early 20s and now wear them proudly; all six pairs.

I sometimes pick them up on a flea market or in a thrift store, never paying more then € 2,50. Cheap prescription lenses only cost €30 and my optician is always wildly enthousiastic – they hardly ever get to handle vintage frames.

foto 2(1)

All in all, it’s a nice little hobby. Mr Maggie and I have a small dream (one of many) of selling vintage spectacles from an old campervan on bright, sunny summer days, wearing cute vintage dresses (me, not Mr Maggie) – but that’s for another time…

I picked these up just a few weeks ago and still have to fit the right lenses in. I'm still thinking they might be a bit much - they remind me of Harry Potter's Professor Trelawney - but I'll give them a chance.

I picked these up just a few weeks ago and still have to fit the right lenses in. I’m still thinking they might be a bit much – they remind me of Harry Potter’s Professor Trelawney – but I’ll give them a chance.

Winter Winkel

25 november 2014

Photos: Lianne Blomsma Fotografie


Het Ka-ching Collectief heeft voor het tweede jaar op rij de Winter Winkel geopend! Het was weer hard werken, maar we zijn supertrots op het resultaat. Maggie Again staat in de winkel met vloervazen, typemachines en de nieuwe lijn draaischijftelefoons, volledig gerestaureerd en geschikt gemaakt voor alle moderne telefoonverbindingen.

Leuk als je een keer langs komt!

De Winter Winkel is geopend van 5 november t/m 24 december 2014

Winter Winkel
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 121
Open wo t/m zo, 12 – 18 uur


The Ka-ching Collectief has opened a pop-up shop again! Hard work, but we’re very proud of it. I am selling vases, typewriters and rotary telephones, which are a new addition to the Maggie Again emporium. They’re fully cleaned and restored, and electronically modified to work on all modern telephone systems.

So if you find yourself in Amsterdam, come and pay us a visit!

Opened until December 24
Winter Winkel
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 121
Wed – Sun 12 – 18 hr

20141107Winterwinkel_87 20141107Winterwinkel_15

The launch party was great!

The launch party was great!

Het Ka-ching Collectief: Barbara, Annabel, Babette et moi

Het Ka-ching Collectief: Barbara, Annabel, Babette et moi



Home sweet home

13 oktober 2014

Altijd al eens naar binnen willen gluren? Ons huis staat centraal in de binnenkijker van Allihoppa!


Our home is featured on the lovely blog!


Photos: Annelies Vermeulen – Allihoppa

Ah, life

4 september 2014


As you can see, things have been quiet around here. And they probably will be for the next couple of weeks! I’m trying to find my footing in my new life as a parent, and am still unsure about where to go. Don’t get me wrong, life is very good! But I need to think, focus and get my creative juices flowing again. 

In the meantime, here are some new items that are available (or will be available soon) in the Maggie Again shop!





This Old Thing

4 juli 2014


Channel Four (which is not usually available here in the Netherlands, but thanks to our trusty satellite dish I watch it all the time) has a great new program about vintage clothes: This Old Thing.

In it, Dawn O’Porter talks about the history of fashion, helps people find a great vintage outfit and shows how a vintage item can be altered to fit life in 2014.

The item I like best every week is when an old piece of clothing from the wardrobe of a mother or grandmother is altered to fit the candidate. What a lovely idea to be able to wear this and make it fashionable again!

I’ve done the same thing. When a very good family friend died about six years ago, I inherited a white, floral 1980s evening dress. And when I got married a year later, it was altered to make me a wonderful wedding dress.

I’m not a fan of what others consider to be ‘normal’ bridal gowns; just a matter of taste, I’m afraid. So it was great to be able to wear a truly one of a kind dress, and also to feel that my dear auntie was still at my wedding, in a way.

Oh, and I still think my purple boots were the coolest wedding shoes ever!

maggie again wedding 3


And a few more shots from our desparately serious photoshoot:


maggie again wedding 1

maggie again wedding 2


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