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This week: Typewriters!

4 mei 2016

Well, this first picture here isn’t actually a typewriter, but a storage box that Mr Maggie encountered in the local hardware store. It now houses our shop’s supply of vintage flash cubes!

This little Corona stands in our living room

I love typewriters. I already spent hours behind my mum’s old blue one as a kid – I didn’t know what to write, so instead I copied the lyrics of my favourite Abba songs… Time well spent, I’d say.

As a writer, I love working on a typewriter, instead of using a computer. There’s no distraction, and the sound and the heavy keys make for a lovely rythm and a very true sense of actual achievement. Sadly, it also means a lot more work (in the end, the work still has to be digitalized), so I use it much less than I would like.

We also sell typewriters in the Maggie Again Etsy shop, so if you’re looking for one, come and pay us a visit! All typewriters are thoroughly cleaned and mechanically checked, and work like a dream. Come on and finally write that book!

They all end up in exotic places, too:


This children’s typewriter found a new home in a school in Connecticut

This one went to Malta…

… and this one to Finland


I loved this red Olivetti – it now lives in New York!


The big clean…

This week: #usevintagedaily

6 april 2016

As you know, we don’t believe in having vintage items in our house ‘just for show’. Is has to be practical, and you should use it as often as you can! That’s what the item was made for and how the maker intended it to be.

So our home is of full of practical, old stuff that is part of our daily lives. We often share these little gems on our Instagram account, using the hashtags #usevintagedaily and #maggieagainathome – come and say hi!

This week: To work!

13 maart 2016

This past week, we’ve been busy restoring, cleaning and photographing some of our new items. Mr Maggie was very pleased with himself when he was able to show me a 1948 speaker box (photo above) being connected to his iPhone. It gives a great sound!

The picture on the right shows a small photoslide previewer, which might not come in handy on a regular day-to-day basis, but has the greatest 60s design. When I was looking for slides to photograph it with, I found this little box of gems that we bought in Samarkand, Uzbekistan a few years ago. There were actually a few of these still lying around in the souvenir shop, quietly waiting until the time would come that slides would become the next hip thing again. I suppose they’re still there! We think it’s the best souvenir we’ve ever bought…

We also shared some more pictures of our retro home of course! The nice weather made it quite easy to find inspiration.

On one evening, we cleaned this children’s 8 mm film projector from 1972. It was still in good working order, but with some TLC and a drop of oil, it’s now as good as new. It comes with four short films, showing the adventures of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy, amongst others. In this video you can see it playing a Betty Boop cartoon. Such a cool toy!

If you want to see our vintage adventures as they happen, follow us on Instagram!

This week: Starting over

7 maart 2016

We’ve been busy this week! After a few years of running Maggie Again, it had lost a bit of its spark and pizzazz. Or maybe I had lost my spark and pizzazz…

Anyway, something had to happen to make it fun again. So some deep thinking was done and the result is (ta-daaahh)…:

Maggie Again, Vintage Technology.

Mr Maggie is something of a tech wizard and loves tinkering with old radios, cameras, typewriters and the like. So now we are officially a husband-and-wife team with him doing the restoring and me taking care of the shop, the blog and social media.

Of course, everything we sell is clean and working – we still don’t believe in vintage stuff just being pretty, it has to be used! So the cameras click, the typewriters write and the radios play – some even with an extra feature that allows you to connect them to your phone, so you can swing around to your own playlist.


At the moment. we’re busy restoring, cleaning, photographing and slowly filling the shop. The new tech stuff will be available from Saturday, March 26. Until that time, we are having a sale! So if you’re looking for fat lava vases, vintage games or retro teaware, come and take a look. If you use the coupon code MARCH2016 at checkout, you’ll receive a 10% discount!


We show our progress, behind-the-scenes stories, inspiration and pictures of our own vintage home on our Instagram account. We’d love to see you there!

On hold

2 december 2015

Due to shifting priorities, this blog is on hold for now.

If you are interested in vintage vases and other accessories, you can visit my Etsy shop.

If you read Dutch and are interested in my writing and other adventures, you can take a look at my other blog, Maggie’s Pen.


Dit blog heeft even een pauze!

Als je interesse hebt in vintage vazen, spellen en ander moois, kun je een kijkje nemen in mijn winkel op Etsy.

Als je wilt lezen over mijn schrijf- en andere avonturen, kun je terecht op mijn andere blog, Maggie’s Pen.

From curtain to skirt

18 maart 2015


During the years, I have been collecting tons of vintage fabrics. However, I only ever posessed the most basic sewing skills, so they just sat there on the shelf, gathering dust and becoming even more vintage than they already were.

But since the beginning of this year I have started sewing lessons, so finally I can make something else than just cushion covers.


The first few projects were trousers, a dress and a jacket for the little one, but now it’s finally my turn. I’m going to make myself a skirt, and will probably use an old curtain with a groovy 70s print. Now let’s see what my sewing teacher will say about that…

Watch this space for the results!

Leo doesn't really care which fabric I choose, as long as he's allowed to sleep on it occasionally...

Leo doesn’t really care which fabric I choose, as long as he’s allowed to sleep on it occasionally…


11 maart 2015

foto 1(1)

I started wearing glasses when I was 3 years old, switched to contacts when I was 13 (I thought everything would change without the glasses – it didn’t, awkardeness at 13 is just inavoidable) and went back to the specs at 16. I really learned to appreciate them in my early 20s and now wear them proudly; all six pairs.

I sometimes pick them up on a flea market or in a thrift store, never paying more then € 2,50. Cheap prescription lenses only cost €30 and my optician is always wildly enthousiastic – they hardly ever get to handle vintage frames.

foto 2(1)

All in all, it’s a nice little hobby. Mr Maggie and I have a small dream (one of many) of selling vintage spectacles from an old campervan on bright, sunny summer days, wearing cute vintage dresses (me, not Mr Maggie) – but that’s for another time…

I picked these up just a few weeks ago and still have to fit the right lenses in. I'm still thinking they might be a bit much - they remind me of Harry Potter's Professor Trelawney - but I'll give them a chance.

I picked these up just a few weeks ago and still have to fit the right lenses in. I’m still thinking they might be a bit much – they remind me of Harry Potter’s Professor Trelawney – but I’ll give them a chance.


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