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4. Get handy (or marry someone who is)

13 juli 2016

Yes, this one needed work as well…

To be fair, my first and foremost tip for buying vintage would be this: never buy anything that ‘needs work’.

If a vintage item needs work, that means that it’s extremely dirty, or broken, or faded, or has the wrong color/size/finish/whatever. In other words, it’s just not for you.

Now I do realize that this is the lazy person’s (i.e. me) approach to vintage living. Most vintage lovers adore the whole process of sanding, painting and upholstering; they see treasure in other people’s trash and spend all their free time lovingly restoring something awful into something amazing and then proudly post their before-and-after pictures on their blog.

Good for them!

But I just can’t be bothered.

I hate DIY’ing, I hate cleaning beyond the absolutely necessary and I also hated, for example, the ‘traditional’ state our house was in when we bought it (which is why we could afford it in the first place). Spending your evening, after a hard day’s work, sanding down the windowsills of your new home, until, at eleven o’clock, your fingers hurt and you have to go back to your old house to get a short night’s sleep, after which you go to work again before spending another night sanding down the next thing…

I really, really hate DIY.

Enter Mr Maggie.

Mr Maggie can make anything. Whether it’s building or electronics, whether it needs a complete overhaul or a subtle clean, he can do it and -and this is the thing- he enjoys it.

Sometimes this drives me crazy, because our house is filled with unfinished projects.



The garage – full of… stuff

On the other hand, it means that we have all kinds of wonderful things in our home that otherwise wouldn’t have made it because they ‘needed work’ and I wouldn’t have bothered…


This 60s cabinet was missing its feet, so we gave it a set of recycled ones that came off some old IKEA furniture many years ago

So, here’s this week’s #daytodayvintage advice:

Don’t buy anything that needs work, unless you have someone else tot do it for you… 😉


This parting wall between the guest room and the study was made with the cabinets out of the old kitchen



Mr Maggie is also the tech wiz behind all the electronics in the Maggie Again shop – he makes sure that everything works like a dream!


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