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Analog Audio

20 september 2017

We have loads of LP records in our house. Some of them we bought ourselves, some were inherited or given to us.

To be fair, we don’t listen to them as often as we’d like. The radio is more convenient, as is the iTunes playlist or even the CD player, which can hold and randomly play 50 CDs (we don’t use a streaming service though, so it’s all still very 90s…).

However, we still like to listen to vinyl every now and then! Especially now that the little lady is getting bigger and we listen together to all my own children’s LPs from the 1980s – audio books, fairy tales and of course good, old Bert & Ernie, it really is timeless.


Because of this, we also really enjoyed restoring and then selling record players in the Etsy shop, but sadly, we decided not to do this anymore – they’re just too fragile to ship halfway around the world.


There is, however, so much left! Of course there’s the good old cassette tape…



… radios, lots of radios…


… and of course all kinds of cool accessories!


We’ve recently been shifting through the record collection and have made quite a rigorous selection – space was really becoming an issue… So everything we have two or more versions of (quite a lot…) or we don’t really like has got to go. Some of it has found its way to the shop, for which I’ve made surprise gift sets. So if you need a present for a vinyl enthusiast, take a look!

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