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5. Spread the word

20 juli 2016

One of the two Danish design chairs that were given to us by friends of my parents

If you like vintage: let people know! When it’s widely known that you have a thing for ‘old stuff’, everyone will think of you when they come accross something that might be interesting.

This way, we have acquired many things that are stylishly vintage or just very usefully second hand: a pair of 60s Scandinavian design chairs, a Pastoe drinks trolley, a washing machine and endless amounts of knitting wool, for example.

Mr Maggie was given a set of eight 1950s cups and saucers by a neighbour when he left home to go to university

On the other hand, you may get things that you don’t really want.

“I know you like old books, so I brought you this 70s encyclopedia.”

“I know you like to fiddle with old electronics, so I brought you this broken CD player.”

“I know you like vintage, so I brought you this shiny little figurine of a shepherdess with just one tiny chip missing.”

So, by all means, spread the word! But be prepared for the consequences…


When our little girl was born in 2014, she spent quite some hours in this 1960s pram, which we borrowed from family friends

When one of my best friends saw that het neighbour was cleaning out the attic a few weeks ago, she secured this -huge!- typewriter for us

My parents bought a second home in Germany six years ago, and found this Thonet chair in the attic. It was red originally, before we had it re-upholstered in this lovely teal colored skai leather


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