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American adventures

16 augustus 2016


Sometimes things just work out very well…

Mr Maggie was set to undertake a crazy-but-fun American roadtrip with one of his best friends, starting in Austin, TX and ending in San Jose, CA six days later. A few days before he was about to leave, we received an order for a typewriter – from Austin, TX.

“Haha, you can almost deliver it yourself!” I laughed.

But then we started thinking, and realized that he might indeed deliver it himself. It would be fun of course, but also quicker and even cheaper than sending it through the mail. So I contacted the buyer, Erin, and explained this weird coincidence. We got an enthousiastic and heartwarming response, so a few days later I dropped Mr Maggie and the yellow typewriter on Amsterdam Airport, bound for Texas.


The typewriter was a big hit on the plane; the stewardesses even took pictures with it and placed them on the KLM facebook page!


Waiting for the rest of the luggage at Houston Airport…


And then finally meeting Erin at her job in an Austin pet store! Of course, they immediately exchanged photos of the dogs in their lives…

Erin is a poet and is already using the typewriter for her work – I love it when a vintage item is used on a day to day basis.

It’s great to meet new people and experience friendship in faraway places – and that, people, is what Etsy and the whole internet actually should be about. So spread the vintage love!

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