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On kitchen scissors (and how they’re saving the world)

4 juni 2017


Look at my humble kitchen scissors. They’re nothing special really, and they certainly aren’t pretty.


They were bought before I was born (1980) and came to me when my father passed away in 2010.

So now I use them to cut herbs, cartons, paper, flowers, band-aids and what-not, to punch holes for craft projects, and to slice open stupid packaging that really doesn’t want to be opened. Again, nothing special.


For me, they encompass everything I like about living with vintage. Because really, ‘vintage’ is just a fancy name for ‘useful old stuff’.


It makes life cheaper, because they’re sturdy and last forever – I won’t have to buy new scissors any time soon. Just a little sharpening every now and then and they’re as good as new! Still not pretty of course, but beauty is overrated anyway… 😉

By using vintage, you’re doing your bit to save the planet as well; less new stuff has to be made. This may seem small and insignificant, but really, every little bit helps – my red scissors are saving the North Pole as we speak!

And last but not least: every time I use them, the scissors remind me of my dad, of my youth, of our old house and the old kitchen. Using vintage objects makes you literally touch history, as well as giving the reassuring feeling that life always goes on, whatever happens. My dad never knew my daughter, but she’s using the same objects as he did, and in that way, they’re touching each other.

So yes, it’s lovely to own priceless antiques, treasured family heirlooms and endless walls of photo albums – but don’t forget the simple household appliances. Sometimes these humble objects will mean the most.


Bonus: my mum in her brand new, state of the art kitchen, 1971. The scissors lived here for many years 🙂

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