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Day to day vintage 3: Be prepared to wait

1 juli 2016

A collection doesn’t grow overnight…

I want it all… and I want it NOW!

But when you want something old, something with a story, and something that’s just right, then you might need to practice a little patience. It takes time, effort and luck to find that certain item that’s perfect – and in the meantime, you’ll just have to make do and mend.

In these difficult times, when you know what you want but still have to wait until you find it, Ikea and the like can be the best thing ever to suit your immediate needs (more on the Swedish blessing and why not to be snobbish about it later in this series).


When we came to live here, about six years ago, we had a tiny little green dining table, which was already purchased second hand when my mother-in-law was a student in the 1960s. Due to our computer being stolen a few years ago, no digital images survive, but suffice to say that it was huge in our 1930s Amsterdam flat, but got completely lost in our new 1960s living room (which was in itself almost as big as the whole flat).

So we started looking, and bought a big, chunky wooden table, almost three meters long and originally used on a French grape farm (or so they said… I’m still not sure about this story).

It was alright… but not perfect, we soon found. It felt too sturdy next to our other furniture, it was a little high and the surface a bit rough. So we started looking for something else…


… which we found four years later. Four years! But it was worth the wait.

This 1960s conference table is perfect, with its chrome designer legs and smooth serface – which was made for daily use in an office, so very durable. We sold on the other table, of course, with a wonderful story about it coming from a French farm…

I still don’t believe that.


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