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A good memory

16 januari 2017


A bit of a weird side business in a shop that mostly sells telephones, radios and the like, are memory games. I once found a nice vintage one and put it in the shop, just for fun, and was amazed to find that it sold almost immediately. Now I actually look out for them when I’m buying new stock.


Of course I take care to find games with great retro pictures! While playing memory never gets old (children today love it as much as they did 40 years ago), the cards can also very well be used for crafts, like scrapbooking. But a few months ago a lady from Switzerland bought one of our games because she remembered it from her youth, and now she was planning to play it again with her grandson – one of the times that the story behind a sale was worth so much more than the sale itself…!


My personal favorite: a German memory game to learn about traffic situations – still available in the shop!


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