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6. Forget perfection

22 februari 2017

This is number 6 in a series about how to live an easy, practical, #daytodayvintage life! You can find the other posts in this series here.

To be fair, if you like symmetry, straight lines, perfect fits and overall everything being just so… then maybe vintage living is not for you. Because really, there’s always something.

The little plastic pots that come with plants never seem to fit my vintage planters – I know I shouldn’t leave the plants in plastic anyway, but I really can’t be bothered to remove them…


You were looking for three matching items, but only found two, found the perfect table, but it’s 10 cm too long to fit your room, or finally located your dream sofa – but it’s a very distinctive shade of violent yellow.

We use this old printer’s cabinet as a changing table for the little one – even though it’s slightly too high and therefore not very comfortable to use


So vintage living always comes with questions of balance and consideration: is it worth changing our plans, our ideas, our home? Can we use two instead of one? Do we need to change the layout? Should we look further until we find something more suitable? Do we actually love this item or do we just like that it’ll just fit seamlessly for once?

The black chair in which I am sitting this very moment, typing this post. In the background its white twin, for which we don’t really have use or room, so it just… stands there.


So all in all, it never, ever turns out the way you had planned; it’s what I love about building a home with vintage and second hand items. But then I would, because I’m that very rare breed: a non-perfectionist πŸ˜‰

Vintage photos always seem to be too small…


… or too large to fit modern frames


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  1. 24 februari 2017 9:55 am

    Herkenbaar, soms klopt het even niet. Maar die plastic potjes kan ik echt niet laten zitten, hoor. ;-D Dan zet ik er een (gekleurd) aardewerk potje met gat in dat dan best wel er boven uit mag steken.

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