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Day to day vintage 2: Go thrifting

24 juni 2016

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Now, some say that this one is obvious, but really it isn’t. One can lead a very happy vintage life without ever setting foot in a thrift store. But, oh, how you are missing out then!

Thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and the like are the natural habitat of the vintage lover. Buying is only part of the fun; just browsing and never knowing what you’re going to find is the main joy.

Most thrift stores are dependent on charity – they sell what people give them. And sometimes it’s amazing what people give away! Clothes with the price tag still attached, a complete record collection, books with loving dedications…


Of course it’s lovely when you find something good for little money. However, the better thrift stores know what they sell, and they will ask quite a lot for quality vintage items. Sometimes you can work around this by being smarter than they are – in our local, clean, pleasant, good quality thrift store, the fat lava vases are painfully expensive nowadays. But they don’t give any attention to flower pots yet, so you can still pick up a very groovy planter for next to nothing.

So if you want to find good quality vintage for little money, you should head to the obscure shops, the ones that are housed in a big shed somewhere in the country, the ones that are filled with dusty junk and a few gems, the ones that are managed by ladies who lived through the 70s and view the best retro items as ‘just some old stuff’.

Who knows what you’ll find… And if you think it’s dirty: don’t be squeamish, that’s what soap was invented for…!


A little radio from a thrift store near Sydney, Australia. The Agatha Christie books were almost all thrifted, as well.


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Our local haunt – a bit expensive, but great for clothes and books!

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