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Day to day vintage 1: Start small

18 juni 2016


So, you’ve seen something on TV, read an article in a magazine or have been following some inspiring blogs, and you decide that from now on, everything will be different.

You’re going for the vintage lifestyle! Yeah!

As of today, you’ll throw out your whole wardrobe and replace it with petticoats and pencil skirts, swap your sensible SUV for a Volkswagen campervan, get rid of all the Frozen junk your kids love so much and buy them new old Fisher Price and non-pink Lego, and refuse to listen to any digital music.

But we all know that’s not how it works. Your Ikea couch is too comfortable, your jeans are truly the best loved item of clothing you possess and you really can’t afford to buy something old and useless anyway.

So everything stays the same…

But it doesn’t have to! Just start small…

1960s portraits of Mr Maggie’s parents

Don’t put too much thought in it, and certainly don’t spend a lot of money, and see how much change a small item can already bring…:

  • Putting your flowers in a 70s vase.
  • Placing some old books on a prime spot in your bookcase.
  • Hanging an old (and maybe just slightly tacky) little painting from the thrift store in your hallway.
  • Displaying your dad’s old Zippo lighter as an art piece.

Just serving your coffee on a vintage tray can already brighten your day!



We store the Duplo collection in this 1970s Brabantia tin

Even these little touches can already transform your living room. It doesn’t cost much, and you don’t have to say goodbye to all the lovely stuff you already own – and, given time, that will all become vintage as well…


One of my very first vintage purchases: a 1929 edition of my favourite book ‘Een Zomerzotheid’ (first published in 1927)





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