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Sharing the knowledge

8 juni 2016


They say that in blogging, you should share what you know. So Mr Maggie and I tried to make a list and failed miserably. What on earth do we know…?

Until we looked around us. Looked around our living room, with the 1920s clock from the thrift store, granny’s 1960s black leather chair, the 1950s wall cabinet from the flea market, and our second hand dachshund (born in 2015, so not very vintage yet, but still).

“Well,” I said, “We know about old stuff…”

So there we are, we’re going to tell you about old stuff -pardon, vintage. Where to get it, how to use it and, also very important, when not to use it (a used, vintage toilet brush is never a good idea).

We’re a normal, practical family with a very ordinary daily life, so we won’t tell you that you should get up at four in the morning to go to the flea market every week (we have a toddler, we need all the sleep we can get), that you should hold on to that ugly inherited painting even though you hate it (you shouldn’t) or that form goes over function (it doesn’t).

What will we tell you, then? Well, amongst other things, that you should forget perfection, embrace Ikea and shouldn’t mind death… These are all essential parts of the vintage lifestyle! To start with, here’s a sneak peek at the coming month’s posts:

  1. Start small
  2. Go thrifting
  3. Be prepared to wait
  4. Get handy (or marry someone who is)

Every week, a new tip will be posted here on the blog, and on our Instagram account (follow us! We’re fun!), using the hashtag #daytodayvintage .

Please let us know what you think, what your own vintage adventures are, and of course what your vintage top tip is!

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