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This week: Typewriters!

4 mei 2016

Well, this first picture here isn’t actually a typewriter, but a storage box that Mr Maggie encountered in the local hardware store. It now houses our shop’s supply of vintage flash cubes!

This little Corona stands in our living room

I love typewriters. I already spent hours behind my mum’s old blue one as a kid – I didn’t know what to write, so instead I copied the lyrics of my favourite Abba songs… Time well spent, I’d say.

As a writer, I love working on a typewriter, instead of using a computer. There’s no distraction, and the sound and the heavy keys make for a lovely rythm and a very true sense of actual achievement. Sadly, it also means a lot more work (in the end, the work still has to be digitalized), so I use it much less than I would like.

We also sell typewriters in the Maggie Again Etsy shop, so if you’re looking for one, come and pay us a visit! All typewriters are thoroughly cleaned and mechanically checked, and work like a dream. Come on and finally write that book!

They all end up in exotic places, too:


This children’s typewriter found a new home in a school in Connecticut

This one went to Malta…

… and this one to Finland


I loved this red Olivetti – it now lives in New York!


The big clean…

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