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This week: To work!

13 maart 2016

This past week, we’ve been busy restoring, cleaning and photographing some of our new items. Mr Maggie was very pleased with himself when he was able to show me a 1948 speaker box (photo above) being connected to his iPhone. It gives a great sound!

The picture on the right shows a small photoslide previewer, which might not come in handy on a regular day-to-day basis, but has the greatest 60s design. When I was looking for slides to photograph it with, I found this little box of gems that we bought in Samarkand, Uzbekistan a few years ago. There were actually a few of these still lying around in the souvenir shop, quietly waiting until the time would come that slides would become the next hip thing again. I suppose they’re still there! We think it’s the best souvenir we’ve ever bought…

We also shared some more pictures of our retro home of course! The nice weather made it quite easy to find inspiration.

On one evening, we cleaned this children’s 8 mm film projector from 1972. It was still in good working order, but with some TLC and a drop of oil, it’s now as good as new. It comes with four short films, showing the adventures of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy, amongst others. In this video you can see it playing a Betty Boop cartoon. Such a cool toy!

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