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This week: Starting over

7 maart 2016

We’ve been busy this week! After a few years of running Maggie Again, it had lost a bit of its spark and pizzazz. Or maybe I had lost my spark and pizzazz…

Anyway, something had to happen to make it fun again. So some deep thinking was done and the result is (ta-daaahh)…:

Maggie Again, Vintage Technology.

Mr Maggie is something of a tech wizard and loves tinkering with old radios, cameras, typewriters and the like. So now we are officially a husband-and-wife team with him doing the restoring and me taking care of the shop, the blog and social media.

Of course, everything we sell is clean and working – we still don’t believe in vintage stuff just being pretty, it has to be used! So the cameras click, the typewriters write and the radios play – some even with an extra feature that allows you to connect them to your phone, so you can swing around to your own playlist.


At the moment. we’re busy restoring, cleaning, photographing and slowly filling the shop. The new tech stuff will be available from Saturday, March 26. Until that time, we are having a sale! So if you’re looking for fat lava vases, vintage games or retro teaware, come and take a look. If you use the coupon code MARCH2016 at checkout, you’ll receive a 10% discount!


We show our progress, behind-the-scenes stories, inspiration and pictures of our own vintage home on our Instagram account. We’d love to see you there!

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