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From curtain to skirt

18 maart 2015


During the years, I have been collecting tons of vintage fabrics. However, I only ever posessed the most basic sewing skills, so they just sat there on the shelf, gathering dust and becoming even more vintage than they already were.

But since the beginning of this year I have started sewing lessons, so finally I can make something else than just cushion covers.


The first few projects were trousers, a dress and a jacket for the little one, but now it’s finally my turn. I’m going to make myself a skirt, and will probably use an old curtain with a groovy 70s print. Now let’s see what my sewing teacher will say about that…

Watch this space for the results!

Leo doesn't really care which fabric I choose, as long as he's allowed to sleep on it occasionally...

Leo doesn’t really care which fabric I choose, as long as he’s allowed to sleep on it occasionally…

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