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Someone press ‘rewind’, please!

7 augustus 2012

Ah, the mix tapes. Hours and hours (the amount of time one has as a teenager!) spent selecting, playing, recording, re-recording, and then designing a cover. Always a tape at the ready to be able to instantly record when a great song came on the radio. The frustration when a song needed more time than there was left on the tape.

Good times.

I’ve rediscovered my old tapes a while ago and am greatly enjoying playing them again. My taste in music back then was as varied (and bad) as it is now, with Oasis and Neil Diamond playing peacefully side by side, and I find that in music, true love never dies. East 17 still rules and I still know al the lyrics to I guess that’s why they call it the blues, even though I haven’t heard it for at least ten years.

And the best one? The soundtrack of The Never Ending Story, recorded on a cassette deck with a built in microphone standing next to the tv speaker – at one point you can hear in the background my mum opening the living room door 😉

Seriously, how do kids spend their time these days…?

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