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Morning dew

29 juni 2012

As I’ve mentioned somewhere before, I draw my comics irregularly and impatiently. I need to have an idea first and when that has placed itself firmly in my mind, I want to get it on the page as quickly as possible.

But my imagination is much more developed than my drawing skills, so yesterday I got stuck in the second frame, because I wasn’t sure how to draw Sien being shocked. In a rare moment of patience and perfectionism, I made a little study:

And in the end it turned out quite alright:

So I really love this song, and…
– Wait, I’ll look it up

And when I first heard it, I thought… 

Oh, come on, it’s really nice…
– I don’t care, if it’s not on iTunes, it doesn’t exist.

The song they are talking about is the wonderful (Walk me out in the) Morning Dew, by Long John Baldry, which, frustratingly enough, really isn’t available on iTunes…

Morning Dew, by Long John Baldry

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