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8 juni 2012

For a while now I’ve been longing for a notebook/journal with a different design and layout for every page: blank, ruled, squared, colored, here and there a nice quote or picture… I feel like it would stimulate the senses and fuel my creativity, but it seems I’m the only one who thinks that way, because they are very hard to come by (even on a big, creativity-bursting site like Etsy).

In Canada, I contemplated buying a scrapbooking journal which came quite close to what I was looking for, but it was too expensive and the size and binding of the thing didn’t suit me (we writing and journaling folk are very picky). I also found the excellent Walls Notebook, which seemed like a lot of fun but just didn’t leave enough room for me to write and draw.

But yesterday I bought the special summer edition of my favorite magazine Flow. It was filled with their usual fun and arty articles, but also with many blank pages to invite their readers to write, draw and scrap about their summer and keep it as a keepsake. Some pages were blank, others lined, squared, colored, with here and there a nice quote or picture…

So I decided to make my own journal. Bookbinding sadly is not one of my talents, and neither is patience, so it’s rather crude, but I’m delighted with the result.
I ripped out all the blank pages and shuffled them thoroughly (I want a different style page for every day, remember). I left the teared rims just as they were, because I liked the look of them – and it would be way too much work to cut them all into a nice, streamlined unity.

I then took two thicker pages from a Flow back issue to create covers. Securing the whole, thick stack by putting an old fashioned and heavy sellotape holder Β on it, I pricked two holes using a pricker from my man’s tool kit. I knew I wanted to bind them using two big rings, which caused a slight problem; where to get rings? Too impatient to go out or spend a quiet day thinking about it, I finally dismantled two big paper clips et voila: my ideal notebook was born.

It’s sturdy and flexible, just the right size, has lovely, thick, dummy-like paper, the paperclip rings work better than I could have hoped for and, most important, it has a differently designed page for every day.

I’m a happy bunny.


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  1. 15 juni 2012 11:16 pm

    That is adorable! I love it!

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