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London weekend

16 april 2012

The great city of London never disappoints me and yesterday I made my way home with tired feet but with refueled creativity and almost too many books to carry (although about half of the enormous pile of paper I took with me on the train consisted of the gigantic Sunday Times).

Some highlights:

  • Having tea in sunny Hyde Park on Friday afternoon with my friend F.
  • A walk on Saturday morning starting on Victoria Embankment (I must have been the only one there who wasn’t jogging), past Big Ben, Sir Winston Churchill and Parliament square, Trafalgar Square and then through The Mall and St James’s onto Piccadilly and straight into Fortnum & Mason

J: 2,20 pounds for a cup of coffee?! You’d never do that at home!
S: Yes, but it tastes better here. Really.

  •  Not exactly a highlight, but a disappointment: discovering that Twinings only sold loose leaf Lady Grey in small, 100 g tins (which is quite useless when your planning on taking about 500 g). I bought two boxes of 100 bags instead, but it’s not the same.
  • Afternoon tea and the wonderful craft department at John Lewis.

I’m in heaven…

  • Securing a very cheap, limited view ticket at the very top (and that’s really high – especially if you, like me, suffer from vertigo…) of the Palace Theatre to see the excellent stage version of  ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ on Saturday night.
  • The Sunday morning walk from Southwark tube station to the Tate Modern (lovely building), over the Millennium Bridge towards St Paul’s.
  • Then on to the National Portrait Gallery and a last minute visit to Foyles.
  • Note to self to in less of a hurry next time: go for a day longer. Or just do less 😉

Quickly, I really want to go to the National Portrait Gallery!

If I’m fast, I can still go to Foyles…! 

Oh no, I really stayed too long! Quickly, to the train station!

Still, it was a fun day. Really.

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