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London calling

12 april 2012

One of the highlights every year is my solo trip to London. Three days of undisturbed shopping, walking, writing, strolling through museums and watching British TV in a shabby but friendly hotel. Something deep inside me believes that I used to be British in a previous life – I feel so at home there. And as much as I love my husband, friends and family, the freedom of traveling on your own is truly liberating.

So tomorrow morning I’ll take the 06.45 Eurostar from Amsterdam Central Station, and arrive at London St Pancras at about 11.45. On my list for the weekend are TopShop (as ever), Foyles (as ever), Twinings (for a year’s supply of loose leaf Lady Grey), the National Portrait Gallery, I Knit (which looks like heaven), maybe a stroll around Greenwich (never been there) and on Friday afternoon tea with my friend F., whom I’ve known since our first day of high school and who’s now having a stellar academical career (really!) studying bees and fish in Brighton.

On the creative side of things, yesterday finally saw Joep and Sien venturing out of their black-and-white comfort zone and into the world of technicolor:

J: Nice, this coloured world. Lovely room, too. Shame about that ugly sanseveria, though.
S: Hush, Joep, they’re totally hip…!

In future, I want to do this digitally, but as I have, at the moment, neither a Photoshop program nor the skills to work with it, the old fashioned way will have to do. Looking forward to more adventures in the big world!

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