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Nice to be nice

1 maart 2012

When my father died one and a half years ago, he left me with quite a messy inheritance. He was a lovely man, but an administrative disaster (I’m quite the same, I’m afraid), and for a few months I really was at a loss about how I was ever going to take care of it.

Thankfully, I was then wise enough to employ a financial advisor, Linda, who was brisk, knowledgeable and efficient, and who took me by the hand to guide me through the paper nightmare. Since yesterday everything is finally finished and it all worked out very well.

So here is a small thank you card for Linda, which she will find on her desk tomorrow. We all like a compliment, don’t we? We, as customers, tend just to communicate things that go wrong or that we are not satisfied with. And when it does go well, all we say is: ‘Well, that’s just their job, isn’t it?’ But a little appreciation and positivity goes a long way and really makes the world better. I also experienced this myself when I was still working as a midwife.

So if you’re happy with the work your doctor, plumber, hair stylist, nurse, undertaker, lawyer, window cleaner, gardener, accountant, builder or driving instructor did for you, let them know! It really makes a difference.

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